How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

Need to delete some contacts from your iPhone. Whether you’re deleting one or one hundred, there are several ways to go about it. You can quickly delete individual contacts from your Contacts app, or you can connect your iPhone to your computer and manage your contacts through iTunes.

EditUsing Your Contacts App
Open the Contacts app. This is located on your iPhone’s Home Screen. This method will work with any version of iOS.

Locate the contact you want to delete. Scroll through your list to find the contact that you want to delete. You can use the search bar at the top of the screen for quick navigation. You can only delete one contact at a time.

Tap the contact to open the details. This will show any additional information you have entered for the contact.

Tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner. This will change the contact to Edit mode.

Scroll to the bottom of the contact page and tap “Delete Contact”. Tap “Delete Contact” again to confirm. The contact will be deleted from your iPhone.
If your iPhone is connected to your iCloud account, the contact will be deleted on all your connected devices.

EditDeleting All iCloud Contacts
Open the Settings app. You can turn off iCloud contact syncing, which will prompt you to delete all of the iCloud contacts stored on your iPhone.

Select “iCloud”. This will open the iCloud syncing menu.

Toggle “Contacts” off. You will be prompted to delete all of the iCloud contacts stored locally on your iPhone.

Select “Delete from My iPhone”. All of the contacts that you had synced with your iCloud account will be deleted from your iPhone.

Check other email accounts. This method can also be used to delete contacts synced from other email addresses.
Return to the Settings menu and select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”.

Check each of the accounts listed.

Toggle off contact syncing for any of the accounts that you no longer want contacts from.

EditUsing Your Address Book and iTunes
Open your address book. If you are syncing your contacts with your Mac or Outlook on a PC, you ca delete them through your address book on the computer. Locate the names of the people you want to delete, and select them. -click (Mac) or -click (PC) to select multiple contacts that are not next to each other. Shift-click to select contacts that are next to each other.

Delete the contacts. On Address Book for the Mac, click the “Edit” menu, then select “Delete Cards,” or simply press the Delete key. On a PC, in your Contacts list, click “Actions,” then click “Menu,” then select “Delete Contact.”[1]

Connect your iPhone to your computer. If you’re not syncing wirelessly, plug your iPhone into your computer, open iTunes, and select your iPhone at the top right of the iTunes window.

Sync your iPhone. Click on the Info tab at the top, enable “Sync Contacts,” and in the window below that, “All contacts.”
Click “Apply” at the bottom right of the window to sync your iPhone with iTunes, and remove the contacts you deleted in your address book from your Contacts app on your iPhone.[2]

EditUsing Groups
Separate your contacts into groups. You can create groups for your family, your business associates, your friends from the gym, etc. That way, you can hide entire categories of contacts from the list without having to remove them completely. To manage groups, tap the Groups button at the top left of the Contacts screen.

Tap the groups you want to hide. When they are checked, they are visible. When they’re unchecked, they’ll be hidden from your contact list.

Tap “Done” when finished. Your contact list will now only display the groups you have chosen.

If you’ve enabled Facebook syncing, you can quickly remove all Facebook contacts from your list by going to Settings>Facebook, and toggling the Contacts button to “Off.” This only affects the display, and not the actually Facebook contacts.

If you’re going to use iCloud to sync your contacts, do not check “Sync Address Book Contacts” in iTunes, or you will create duplicated data on your iPhone.

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