How to Be Good Looking

Looks may not be everything, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be easy on the eyes. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to looks than what’s in your genes (or your jeans, for that matter). To be good-looking, you’ll need the right attitude, the right style, and the right tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Take the time to dress well. Take the time to pick out clothes that are comfortable and that make you happy to look at in the mirror. Remember that being comfortable doesn’t mean dressing like you just rolled out of bed. At the same time, remember that being chic doesn’t mean chasing every trend: never wear something that doesn’t suit your body just because it’s in style.
Be stylish and learn how to dress for your body type as a woman or as a man. Choose colors and cuts that make you appear thinner.

Always dress for the occasion. Going to a movie? Be casual; you’re just look like you’re trying too hard in your prom dress. And the same is said for going out on the town – leave your Converse at home and take a moment to dress to impress.

Identify the desired look you’d like to have. Do you want to be a professional? Business casual? A skater? This will make it easier to determine your priorities. However, make sure you’re not mimicking a friends style –often times it won’t work for you due to different body sizes and shapes.
Don’t be afraid to look silly. Looking good and having a designer’s eye can be learned skills but they often come from trial and error. If you get complimented or if you feel good, you’re on the right track.

Learn how to properly apply makeup. Poorly-applied makeup will make you look worse, not better. If you have a tendency to over-apply, experiment with wearing natural-looking makeup. To accentuate your eyes, you should also learn how to properly shape your eyebrows.
Less is more. With make-up the minimalist look will almost always set you up as appearing more good looking than if you go out in of foundation and a bus full of mascara.

Sometimes make-up can take care of facial hair, sometimes it can’t. If you have dark hairs that you want covered, consider getting them waxed off, using a depilatory cream, or plucking them.

Get a new haircut. Choose something that will flatter your face shape. Don’t keep your hair long if you’ve outgrown the look; you might be reluctant to cut those hard-earned tresses, but you’ll be amazed by how chic and revitalized you look with a shorter ‘do.
And if you don’t believe in the power of a bad haircut, just do a quick Google search for your favorite celebrities. They often easily go from a smokin’ 10 to the bottom of the barrel for a role – and sometimes just with a haircut.

Drink lots of water. Not only does drinking water help you lose weight, but it helps your skin clear and glow, too. Aim for a day (some of it can be consumed in food). The bigger you are, the more water you should drink. Try to stay away from drinks that dehydrate you, like coffee and sodas. They’re just sugary, empty calories anyway. Water is your best bet for being beautiful.

Be hygienic. One of the easiest ways to be good looking is by keeping up with your physical maintenance. These details make a big difference; after all, who wants to be around someone who can’t even take care of themselves? Focus on:
Cleanliness: shower daily, wash hands regularly

Scent: wear deodorant; apply a light cologne or perfume, if you wish

Skin: wear sunblock; apply lotion daily to keep your skin soft; if you have acne, try to keep it under control

Hair: keep it neat and clean; if you have unwanted body hair, consider shaving or waxing it

Don’t forget your hands and feet, too. Keep your nails looking good by keeping them trimmed and clean; if you have long fingernails, keep them painted and shaped. Often it’s the little things that really stand out. For the rest of your hands, apply lotion after every time you wash your hands to keep them soft and smooth.

Feet are important, too. Apply lotion after taking a shower; keep them clean, and be conscious of foot odor.

Brush your teeth and floss. Brush at least two times a day, especially after coffee or smoking. No one likes being around a person with bad breath. Flossing is important, too – did you know that it can lessen your chances at heart disease as well as leave your breath minty fresh?[1] What’s more, visit the dentist regularly to make sure you don’t have any cavities and whiten your teeth if necessary. You can get whiter teeth at home or with the help of your dentist.

Focus on your health. People who look healthy look good. And what better way to look healthy than to be healthy? If you aren’t taking good care of your body, now is a good time to start. Begin with the basics: drink more water, eat healthy, and get fit.
Sleep well every night. You know the phrase “beauty sleep?” That exists for a reason. If you get 8 hours, you’ll look better.

Quit smoking and, if you’re addicted, stop drinking as well. Both ofthese habits add years to your skin, bones, tooth enamel, hair, and organs.

Get in shape through exercise. Interval training is an excellent way to quickly burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health. If you’re shy about going to the gym, working out at home is a discrete (not to mention cost-effective) way to sculpt your body, too. What it boils down to you is that you need a regimen you’ll stick with. If it’s walking after dinner, great. If it’s biking through town, great. As long as you do it, great. Taking care of your body by exercising is essential for looking good. Exercising has innumerable benefits for you, inside and out. But, to focus on aesthetics, exercising improves your muscle tone so that you have better posture, stand taller, and move more confidently. Exercising also improves the circulation to your muscles and skin. This will give you a healthy and radiant glow.

Be confident. Self-esteem can give you an incredible makeover. To start, improve your posture to project confidence – a sullen sloucher never looks sexy, regardless of how genetically blessed you may be. While you’re at it, learn how to connect with people through body language so that you look more approachable, too. Confidence is the ultimate sex appeal.
For good posture, throw your shoulders back and your chin up. Keep your eyes straight ahead of you, not on the ground.

For approachable body language, keep your arms uncrossed and head up, not buried in your phone.

Do not compare yourself to movie stars, models, or get sucked into the hype of plastic surgery. Everyone has something beautiful about them – eyes, smile, hair, and especially personality. Always look groomed by taking time to look your best, but don’t think of your best as a comparison to someone else.
Being beautiful doesn’t mean every waking hour having a kabuki make up face or always wearing designer clothes. It means being you.

Whatever your best asset is, make that your focal point. Maybe you don’t have the body of Barbie or Ken, but no one does. Your body works and gets you around, and that’s what’s important.

Be a good person. Develop good character to match your good looks. Be humble and honest. Give people more to appreciate. Have you ever met someone you thought was okay looking, gotten to know them, and found out they were a true babe? It’s not all about looks – it’s about what’s on the inside, too. It works the other way as well – have you ever spotted someone from across the room, marveled at their good looks, and then they opened their mouth? Whoops, they shouldn’t have done that. A person can go from hot to not in a matter of seconds with their attitude.

Be distinct. Human beings gravitate toward what is rare and unique. You’re an individual – there’s no one in the world like you – and you should take advantage of that. There’s a lot of pressure to look like others, but no one remembers a clone. Be yourself and flaunt it.
Emphasize the things that make you unique, whether it’s your hair, your height, your shape, your eyes, and so on. Make your appearance reflect your unique personality. This is how you’ll stand out.

Smile. Walking around with a constant frown is like wearing a “Keep Away” sign. Even a little smile will brighten your face, making you look friendlier and, thus, more attractive. What could be more inviting and approachable? A genuine, beautiful smile is the answer. Beauty doesn’t come from your looks – it comes straight from your facial expressions and body language. Be graceful and happy, but don’t look too fake. Otherwise people will assume that you’re trying too much.

Looks may attract people, but personality keeps them.

Be yourself and proud of who you are.Don’t listen to others, think of what is best for you.

If you love yourself, other people will gravitate towards you. Nothing is more attractive than a happy, healthy attitude.

Eat a balanced diet. It will help your body perform its necessary functions and can prevent you from getting fat, make you have shinier hair, and have smoother skin.

Before you go on a diet ,make sure you research it.And if you’re trying to cut out sweets, do it gradually and allow yourself some once in a while.

Make yourself feel good not what people think.

Do not lose yourself. Trying to fit in and be good looking doesn’t mean you should throw away who you are. Keep the old you somewhat intact. Remember, happiness is in accepting who you are.

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