How to Make Paperclip Bookmarks

For a quick but adorable way to mark your page in your favorite novel, fashion together a paperclip bookmark. Sure, you can just slide a large paperclip to save your page but that’s no fun. You can make your paperclip bookmark fun and purposeful all in about 10 minutes.

Making a Button Paperclip Bookmark
Create a bookmark with a button. Use heavy duty glue to affix the button to the top of the paperclip.

Completely cover the top of the paperclip with the button. Re-think using overly large buttons that may be too bulky.
Consider using two buttons so you have a decoration on both sides of the paperclip.

Affix the button to the area opposite from where the bookmark will mark the page.

Remove any stickpin on the back of a button if there is one. You don’t want the recipient to get stuck!

Making a Ribbon Paperclip Bookmark
Design a bookmark with ribbon This is one of the easiest and quickest bookmarks to create.

Cut approximately 2 inches/5cm of ribbon. The ribbon will be attached tothe end of the paperclip and provide quick page retrieval access.

Slide the ribbon through the bottom of one paperclip. Make sure the paperclip ends are on the opposite side from where it will be slid onto the page.

Place one or two small dabs of glue on the inside of the ribbon and fold ribbon together. Hold the ribbon for a few minutes until the glue has dried.

Making a Laminated Photo or Text Paperclip Bookmark
Make a bookmark using a laminate photo or text. As with the button, you may want to use two photos, back to back to create a balanced design.

Line up the photos with the top portion of the paperclip. Be sure thephotos are the exact same size and not too big where they overwhelm the paperclip.

Add a small amount of glue to the back of each photo and place over the top of the paperclip. Press and hold together until the adhered.


Use a thick fabric for your ribbon so the glue doesn’t bleed through to the other side.

Consider making a set of bookmarks and giving them out as gifts. Purchase a wide variety of colors and give one or two bookmarks in each color.

Consider who will receive the paperclip bookmarks. Are they for a teacheror a friend, or are you making them for yourself? The recipient’s tastes may dictate the end design.

Before you use any original artwork, buttons or photos, make sure it’s okay with the owner (for example, you don’t want to use the last mass card from your grandmother’s funeral without your mother’s permission).

Evaluate your supplies. If you need to make these bookmarks on the fly, check your craft drawer or surroundings for supplies you have on hand to make the bookmark. Items like ribbon, buttons, photos and even small toys will do the trick.

Things You’ll Need
Large sized paper clips, preferably the colored plastic ones

Adornments (see above)

Glue gun or a tube of Super Glue (if you can glue the item be sure you hold it steady and allow dry time before use)

Sharp scissors for cutting ribbon or photos

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