How to Make Spaghetti Jellyfish

Easy to make and hilarious to serve, these spaghetti jellyfish may be your favorite dinner soon. They are better with slightly older children, as younger can choke on long noodles.

8 ounces linguini spaghetti

Hot dogs, amount will vary

Cut each spaghetti strand in half.

Cut the hot dogs in 6 equal pieces. For “taller” jellyfish, make bigger pieces. It’s best to make marks in one as a guide before fully cutting it, align it with a row of hot dogs, and cut it down the cutting board.

Prick the hot dogs with about 5-7 spaghetti strands. To make jellyfish, do not go all the way through the hot dog piece.

Boil them. Always follow the directions on the pasta as far as the timing goes to achieve al dente. The hot dogs only need a few minutes of boiling, however, you still need to cook the pasta inside the hot dog.

Drain completely.

Serve with your favorite cheese or pasta sauce.


Have kids help you with putting the spaghetti strands in the hot dogs.

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