How to Make a Paper Cocktail Umbrella

Ever wanted your own cocktail umbrella? Well now you can make one!

Printable Paper Umbrellas
Printable Paper Umbrellas

Making a Paper Cocktail Umbrella
Use a small Dixie cup or a pudding container for your outline. Put it right-side up on a piece of construction paper. Carefully trace the bottom of it using a pencil.
Decorate the circle that is now on the piece of construction paper using additional construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Carefully cut out the circle.

Use a ruler to draw the diameter of the circle. Located the diameter of the circle, draw a point where the center of the circle is located.

Erase half of the diameter, so that you are left with one radius and the center point on that circular piece of construction paper.

Cut along the radius up to the center of the circle.

Fold over the circle into a cone- like shape and glue it. This will be the basic shape for the umbrella. It should remind you of a Chinese hat.

Use a toothpick or pipe cleaner and carefully poke a hole through the top of the umbrella. This hole was formerly the center of the circle, and is now the vertex of the cone. Pull the toothpick through and glue to the paper if necessary.


You may decorate both sides of the umbrella so that both the inside and the outside are decorated.

To let the glue dry without having to hold it the whole time, try placing the toothpick in a ball of plasticine and let the umbrella part rest on something, like a small pencil sharpener.

Things You’ll Need
One piece of construction paper



Circular device to trace with


A ruler

Toothpick or of pipe cleaner

Decorative drawing material (crayons, colored pencils, and markers)

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