How to Make a Nakamura Lock Paper Airplane

This is how you make an amazing paper airplane called “The Nakamura Lock.” Don’t throw it too far. You just want to give it a slight, light push straight ahead of you. Then let it go. If your folds are exact, your plane will go up to .
Fold a piece of paper in half and crease it. Open it back up (hot dog style).

Fold the top 2 corners down so that there’s a triangle above.

Fold the triangle to the bottom.

Fold the top corners down to a point in the middle of the triangle and fold the bottom of the triangle over the corners that were folded down.

Fold it in half. If you fold it in half the right way, you should see a triangle in the middle on both sides.

Fold the top edge to the bottom edge on one side. Do the same on the other side. It’ll be one of the best airplanes you’ve ever made.

To fly it, give it a super light push. If you push too hard, it won’t fly but you will still be awesome.

If you are outside always remember to test the direction of the wind.

Add wing flaps to stabilize plane in-flight.

Don’t throw too hard.

Take a pencil and insert it into the underside of the wings and take it out. It will improve the airflow.

Use the back of the fuselage by wiggling it with two fingers. This will adjust the airplane’s airflow.

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