How to Make an Origami Spaceship

The following steps will help you create your own origami spaceship. The design is popular in Singapore and is inspired by Crush Gear, the Japanese racing car series.

Fold the paper in half.
Valley fold both corners on the right side of the paper.
Fold them over each other. It should create an “X” crease.
Repeat the “X” crease on the left side.
On both sides, create triangle bases. Use the reverse fold technique. Fold the top trapezoid to meet in the center. Tuck it under the triangle bases.
Fold the bottom trapezoid to meet the center. Tuck it under the triangle bases.
Valley fold both sides of the triangle on the right.
Fold the right side onto the left side.
Tuck the valley folds into the triangle base.
Valley fold both sides on the top to make the windows.
Fold the wings up.
Name and decorate your spaceship.
Things You’ll Need
Rectangle piece of paper such as A4 size

Pencils (optional)

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