How to Make a Paper Origami Fox

Learn to make a paper origami fox following these simple instructions. The numbered corners may make it easier for you.

Prepare the paper. You will see what you need in the “Things You’ll Need” section.

Number the corners of the paper on one side clockwise.

Fold corner 2 to corner 4.

Bring corner 3 to corner 1 and fold.

Bring corner 3 down to point of corner 4. Align the edges along the right and left side so that the triangle is folded.

Flip the paper over and repeat on the opposite side by bringing corner 1 down to corner 4 so that the triangle is folded in half.

Orientate the paper so that the creased sides are diagonally on the right and bottom with the paper’s edge on the left forming a “W” image.

From the bottom left corner, pinch the right side of the ‘W’ and moveit to half way between the left corner and the pinched corner. This creates a fold a quarter of the way on the page. This means you are creating the fox’s legs.

Naturally, the middle point of the ‘W’ will begin folding down. Pressit firmly to make the fox’s face.

Run your finger along the creases of the paper, pressing the crease down firmly. This will help your fox to stand properly and appear more defined.

You can curl the ears by sticking your finger in the paper sections.

The firmer the crease, the better and more defined the image.

Some craft stores offer origami paper which is more lightweight and easier to crease. The different quality of the paper gives a different effect to the product.

Thinner paper can be torn easily.

Things You’ll Need
Origami paper or a suitable substitute, in a square


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