How to Join a Guild in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a kind of MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This means that there are literally thousands of players from around the globe roaming inside the game world. With these numbers, it’s only common that these players form groups among themselves. When players with common agenda come together, they form an alliance, or what is called a guild. Joining a guild is pretty fun and adds to the overall experience of playing World of Warcraft by letting you interact and make friends with other online players. Joining a guild is also really easy; to learn more, scroll down to step 1.

Go to populated places. Go into towns or any places where there could be a lot players hanging out. Guilds who are looking for members often hang around these areas, like Ironforge and Stormwind City. You can either teleport back to the nearest town or use a mage portal if there’s one near your location.

Identify if a player belongs to a guild. If a player belongs to a guild, the guild name will be displayed below the character’s name enclosed within a greater than and less than symbol () so it’s easy for other players to identify if they already belong to another guild.

Wait for an invitation. When other players notice that you don’t have a guild, they will eventually approach you. They will either send you a message either on the Global Message Box or through a private message, both located at the lower-left corner of the screen.
Some guild members will just automatically send you a Guild Invite.

Relatively, you can proactively talk to players with guilds via the Global Message Box and ask them to send you an invite. If they agree, they’ll send you one.

Keep in mind that not all guild members can send invites. Only members with invite privileges assigned by the guild leader can send invites. So if players tell you that they can’t invite you to their guild, they probably don’t have the privilege to do so.

Accept the invite. An Invite prompt will show up on your screen once you receive an invitation. The prompt will include the guild’s name and its guild level. If you wish to accept the invite, click on “Join Guild”; otherwise, click on “Decline Invitation” to reject it.

Participate in your group. Joining a guild is just like joining any other groups. You need active participation to keep the guild alive. Join item and boss hunts whenever you can, and be friendly with your guild mates. When you’re active enough, the guild leader will eventually promote youto higher ranks, such as a Guild Officer.

Decent guilds often ask for permission first before sending out invites. Guilds that automatically send invites out to other players most of the time are just fishing out for more members.

Guilds that fish for members in this, and other ways, often do not survive very long.

Join guilds that have just enough members. If you join guilds that have too much members, you’ll receive less benefits like points and items.

If possible, take a look at your perspective guild’s website, and it’s policies and rules. Small and large guilds often use these as community meeting places and you can often get a sense for the type of guild you are joining.

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