How to Wear Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans were designed to fit around tall or short boots. They curve around the hips and are tight in the upper thigh, and they are looser in the lower thigh, knee and calf. They are especially popular for women because they make the legs look long and lean—a much more forgiving and versatile style than skinny jeans.

Fitting Bootcut Jeans
Be mindful of the waist. As with any jeans, there are low-waist, mid-rise and high-rise versions.[1] The following are good guidelines:
Low-rise bootcut jeans are only for the most svelte people. They sit below the hips and create a muffin-top look if you have any hip fat. When in doubt, move on to mid-rise styles.

Mid-rise bootcut jeans are the average pair of jeans. They rise above the hips but below your belly button, to provide coverage and prevent muffin top.

High-rise bootcut jeans are generally for the most fashion forward individuals who are comfortable with this somewhat constrictive cut. They are also a good option if you want to cover your stomach to the waist and wear sweaters or tunics with your jeans.

Try the jeans on. Denim has a little give to it after a few washings, so you may want to buy them a little tight; however, they should not pinch or be hard to button. Go one size larger if they are at all uncomfortable in the crotch.
Wearing jeans that are too tight in the crotch can be uncomfortable and even harmful for women. It can lead to problems with chaffing and bacteria in this sensitive area.

Buy jeans that are one to two inches longer than your inseam if you want to wear high-heeled or cowboy boots. The bootcut style is meant to be worn with boots, so they should extend almost to the floor when you wear boots.

Opt for special tailoring. Some department stores, like Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales, offer free tailoring when you buy designer jeans. It is better to buy jeans that are too long and tailor them to your inseam than to buy them short.
Bootcut jeans should never be worn short. The fit is designed to extend below the ankle, just an inch or so from the ground.

Pay attention to the pockets. Light colors, designs and bleached patches draw attention to the butt and hips. If you have full hips and thighs, choose embellishments that are vertical and further down the leg, rather than around the waist or hips.
People with heart shaped bodies, with bigger chests and smaller waists, should choose jeans with horizontal embellishments around the pockets and waistband.

Styling Bootcut Jeans
Remember that it’s all about the shoes. Bootcut jeans are best with boots and heels, since it keeps the lines long and lean. However, the jeans will cover most of the shoe; so don’t choose heels with too many embellishments.

Try the white t-shirt and boots looks. A white button-up t-shirt in a fitted style is ideal for a pair of medium to dark wash bootcut jeans. It is a classic look, ideal for a pair of brown boots in almost any style.[2]

Try a western look. Wear a flannel or plaid shirt, bootcut jeans and a pair of western or cowboy boots. This is a great weekend or casual look and combines comfort with style.[3]
Dress up bootcut jeans with a nice blouse or top. Women with larger busts should look for a blouse that is slightly fitted at the waist. Combine the look with pumps, stilettos or booties.

Wear bootcut jeans to work with a blazer. Wear a black blazer for a business look and a trendy or contrasting blazer for a more casual setting. Pair with high heels in a complementary color.

Pair flats with a preppy style. If you have bootcut jeans that are too short to wear with heels, skimmers and kitten heels look great when combined with a collared shirt and crew neck sweater or cardigan.[4]
Use your bootcut jeans as the classic, everyday jeans in your wardrobe. Spend some time and a little money finding the right fit, and you can pair them with almost anything, including sweaters, shirts, fitted t-shirts, coats, silk blouses and more.

Don’t wash your jeans excessively. Denim will lose its shape faster if you place them in the dryer and wash them every week. Some denim websites suggest washing every three to six months or so to keep the integrity of the denim.

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