How to Find All the Warp Tiles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

“Those who stepped on the Magical Warp Tiles that served as entrances would be lost to the Dark World, transformed into demons. Link, who possessed the qualities of the hero, did not become a demon, but was instead turned into an animal (in this case, a pink bunny).” -Hyrule Historia
There are nine warp points throughout Hyrule, with each one transporting Link to the Dark World. The Dark World is pretty much the same as the Light World, but “warped”. Warping to the Dark World may be necessary to gain access to dungeons, find heart pieces, complete quests, or to satisfy your curiosity.

Finding the Warp Tiles
Walk through the gate to Hyrule Castle after you defeat Agahnim for the first time. You will instantly be transported to the Dark World.

Navigate through the tunnels of Death Mountain and climb up the super long ladder to the left of the mountain. When you reach the top, keep going right until you see a glowing blue tile; it will be in plain sight with no rocks hiding it.

Go north of Kakariko Village and go through the second forest entrance, which is second from the left. With your automatically-equipped Titan’s Mitt, lift the big black rock that is blocking you. Then pick up the only stone in the enclosure to reveal the warp tile.
You could also make your way through the Lost Woods, go south, and hammer in the stakes with the Magic Hammer.

Head to the southeast of the Eastern Palace. Off to the right, surrounded by stakes, will be a rock-covered tile. Hammer in the stakes with the Magic Hammer and lift the rock.

Get to the northwestern corner of the Great Swamp. The tile will be in an area surrounded half by rock and half by water. There will also be creepy green statues and stakes blocking it off. An overly enthusiastic Octorok will be there to spit rocks at you. Smash the stakes in with your Magic Hammer and lift the rock. Lo and behold, it’s the fifth tile.

Swim to the largest island in the center of Lake Hylia. Lift the rock covering the tile. Stepping on it is the only way to gain access to the Ice Palace dungeon.

Play the Ocarina to fly to the desert location. Lifting the black rock and stepping on the tile is the only way to get to the Misery Mire dungeon in the Swamp of Evil.

Fly to the Death Mountain location. Go up the ladder and to the right. Use the Hookshot to get across the bridge, and then keep towards the southern wall. It won’t be long before you see a small black rock behind a bolder. Lift the rock. Tile number eight!

Fly to the Death Mountain location. Climb until you get to the second warp tile. Warp to the Dark World and stand on the area that will allow you to get to the top of Spectacle Rock. Jump off the northern side and go east across the bridge. Pound the stakes in and keep going east until you see a giant rock. When you climb onto Turtle Rock, hammer the stakes in order: right, top, and left. The tile will then appear.


Get all the required items before searching for warp tiles.

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