How to Join Groups on Facebook

Are you a fan of knitting and want to find other knitters in your area? Do you like a particular subgenre of music and want to be able to easily stay on top of new artists and concerts? Facebook Groups allow you to easily communicate with people who share the same interests as you. Groups can be public or secret, and some are invitation-only. See Step 1 below to learn how to find and join groups that interest you.

Find the group that you want to join. Groups allow people of similar interests to talk about those interests in a central place. You can find groups in several different ways, though the process to join is the same regardless.
Search for the group – If you know the name or part of the name of the group, you can search for it in the Facebook search bar. Select the group from the search results to open the group page.

Look at your friends’ groups. Your friends’ profiles will display the groups that they are members of. You can click the links to visit the group pages for any of these groups.

Browse suggested groups. Facebook recommends a list of groups based on your other interests and what your friends are subscribed to. You can seen this list by clicking the “Find New Groups” link in the left menu of the main page.

Look at the group type. There are two main groups that you can find without being invited: “Open” groups and “Closed” groups. Open groups do not require approval to join and they can be joined immediately. Closed groups require approval from one of the group admins, and you will need to wait until you’re accepted before you can view the group.
There are also “Secret” groups. These groups do not show up in searches or on people’s profiles. You must receive an invitation from the group in order to join it.

Join the group. Open the group page that you want to join. You will see a “Join Group” button beneath the group’s cover art. Click it to request admission to the group.
If the group is an Open group, clicking the “Join Group” button will enroll you in the group immediately.

If the group is a Closed group, clicking the “Join Group” button will send an admission request to the admins. You will need to wait until you are accepted before you can interact with the group.

Other people may be able to see that you’ve joined a group on their News Feed.[1]

Post in the group. While you can see the group posts before you are accepted, you cannot create posts or comment on other posts until your membership is accepted. Once it is, you can post and comment just as you would on other Facebook pages.
Just like a regular Facebook wall post, you can add images, videos, links and more to your group posts.

Make sure that your posts contribute to the group. If your posts are disrespectful or off-topic, you will likely be removed from the group.

Keep up with group updates. When you join a group, new posts will appear on your News Feed, meaning you don’t always have to visit the group’s page to stay informed. You can comment on posts that appear in your News Feed.

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