How to Melt Marshmallows

Although the s’more has become a cult summer snack, there are several ways to successfully melt marshmallows without a campfire. You can melt them on the stovetop for frosting, toast them in an oven for an easy topping or flavoring, or even roast them over a fire.

Melting Marshmallows on a Stovetop
Place a large, heavy saucepan on your stove.

Coat the bottom and sides with cooking spray.

Pour one 16 oz. (454g) bag of mini marshmallows into the saucepan. Mini marshmallows will melt faster than large or jumbo sizes.

Turn the burner to medium heat.

Add three to four tbsp. (44 to 59ml) of water.

Stir for five to seven minutes with a wooden spoon. Once you can no longer see the mini marshmallow shapes, you should be ready to let it cool and roll it into fondant or combine it with milk and powdered sugar for frosting.

Melting Marshmallows in the Oven
Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 Celsius).

Place jumbo marshmallows on some parchment paper on a baking tray, leaving four inches (10cm) of space between each one. You can also place them directly on top of graham crackers or cupcakes to cut out an extra step of trying to transfer sticky marshmallows.

Insert the tray into the oven.

Turn your oven light on. You will want to watch them for the perfect consistency.

Wait five to 10 minutes. If you want a crispy, fire-like texture, turn the broiler on during the last two minutes. Watch them carefully to avoid burning them.[1]

Remove the marshmallow tray from the oven. Set it on a rack to cool slightly.

Press down on the tops of the marshmallows to spread the marshmallow over the graham cracker or cupcake. A gooey marshmallow should naturally want to cover the top of the dessert.[2]

Melting Marshmallows with Fire
Place a large or jumbo marshmallow on a skewer. If you are using a campfire, use a fresh branch or a metal skewer with a handle. If you are using a gas grill or a food preparation torch, you can use bamboo skewers.

Start up your gas grill. Put it on medium to high heat so that you have some flames.

Hold the skewer at the very end so that the flame doesn’t come close to your hands.

Place the marshmallow over the flame and turn it. If you are using a torch you can move the torch across the surface of the marshmallow instead of moving the skewer.[3]

Check the surface frequently so that you don’t burn it or start it on fire. Constant movement will create an evenly melted surface.

Remove it from the gas grill flame or turn the torch off when it is partially melted or toasted. Add it to your recipe or eat it immediately. Don’t forget to turn off your gas grill when all of your marshmallows have been roasted.
This method is perfect for toasting a marshmallow for topping. For example, a marshmallow milkshake can have several roasted marshmallows incorporated into the mixture in the blender and one on top for garnish.


Things You’ll Need
Mini marshmallows



Wooden spoon

Cooking spray



Baking sheet

Parchment paper

Cupcakes/graham crackers

Cooling rack


Oven light

Oven mit


Gas grill/torch/campfire

Sources and Citations
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