How to Play the “Who Am I” Game

“Who Am I” is a game that involves at least two people asking questions to guess what character, person, or animal they’ve been labeled with. Do you think you’re up for it? Round up your fun-loving family, friends, and neighbors and head down to Step 1 to start the entertainment.

Finding Participants and Preparing
Look for participants willing to play. While you can play Who Am I with as little as two people, usually it’s more fun to play with more people. Ask your family, friends, acquaintances, etc.. to join you. If you want you can even ask total strangers.

Know how many people will participate. Once you know that, gather enough sticky notes/memo papers so everyone can play.
If you don’t have sticky notes, you can take regular paper, and use tape to stick it on each other’s foreheads.

Provide snacks and drinks. While not always, some games can take a long time, and it’s best to have something to drink and eat available in case someone gets thirsty/hungry. Providing refreshments adds to the party atmosphere, too!

Playing the game
Read the rules. Unless they’ve already played Who Am I, you have to inform the rest of the group what the rules are:
Participants can use only Yes and No questions.

Each player has a a maximum of 3 tries to find out their name. Once you’ve guessed 3 times for your name, without succeeding, you’re out.

You can only ask one question a time. Once you’ve asked your firstquestion, it goes on to the next person, and so on, until it comes back to you.

First one to get his/her name is the winner. The other ones continue the game until everyone is done.

Sit next to each other, preferably in some kind of square or circle. That way you can easily read each other’s papers.

Write a name of a famous animal, person or being on a paper. Each person gets to write one subject down.

Have every participant put their paper face down on the table or on your lap. This way, it is unknown to the others what you have written.

Decide to whom to give your paper. Once you’ve done this, stick the paper on the person’s forehead. Likewise, someone should now do the same with you. Exchange papers so that everyone has one that they didn’t write. To avoid problems such as two people wanting to give their papers to the same person, you can just pass the papers on to the next person on your right (or left). You should then get a paper of the one on your left (or right).

Ask your first yes/no question. Try figuring out things like what you are (human, animal or being), what your profession is, skin color, hair color and more things like that.
Optionally you can keep track of the questions and answers by writing it down. That way you have a list of things you know about yourself to help you instead of having to memorize it all.

Keep taking turns until someone figures out who they are. The first person to guess their character or animal wins!

Things you’ll need
Sticky notes/paper (memo block preferably)

Tape (in case of no-stick paper)


Minimum of 2 Participants

Asking questions like “Am I a man?” can help you get more information in one question, as you’ll know that you’re human and male.

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