How to Make a Paper Present

Making little presents is very fun. Many people enjoy them!

Gather supplies.
Use any colored paper or you can draw designs on white paper to make the present more fun and exciting!

Fold paper in half horizontally.

Fold paper over on itself again.

Complete the process with another piece of paper.

Unfold each sheet of paper.

Cut out the shapes of the squares so you have six squares overall.

Start taping the squares together to form a cube

Cut one of the remaining squares into four long vertical strips. The length and width of the strip does not matter.

Form two of the four strips into “loops” by taping them together at the ends. Check out the photos to further explain this step!

Cut the bottoms of the other two strips so they look like the ends of ribbons.

Tape the bottom strips on the top of the cube, which should begin looking like a present box by now!

Tape the “loops” to the top of the box so it looks like a present bow.

You have now made a paper present!

For aesthetic reasons, make sure the adhesive tape is not visible! Try using double-sided tape and then tape from inside. If not, gently fold a strip of adhesive tape and place it under the bow to make it less apparent. Repeat multiple times for extra strength. When you do fold, cut the strip into pieces that are smaller than the bow.

If you actually want to place a gift inside the cube, do not tape all sides completely. Leave the bottom edge of one side unfastened so it can swing open.

Try taping all parts of the bow together, at its center, to minimize the use of tape.

Don’t tape all sides before you place your gift inside the box.

Make sure your gift is very light – light enough to be carried on paper. If not, your paper cube will tear!



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